interim manager 


Interim Management


"Interim managers are skilled individuals, experts in their own field."

What are Interim Managers?

Interim Managers are skilled individuals, experts in their own field. They will typically be hired for a period of time (generally three to nine months) to fulfil a particular task, be it, to run a project, to implement a strategy etc.

Interim Managers will:

  • Understand the deliverables.
  • When they need to be achieved.
  • Be focused to achieve them.
  • Hit the ground running.

Why use an Interim Manager?

You pay them for the work they do – no holiday pay, sickness etc.

Interim Managers are typically hired if:

  • You've lost a senior manager e.g. resignation, dismissal or are in the process or recruiting.
  • You need short-term cover for a key role due to long-term illness, maternity leave.
  • You have a skills shortage.
  • You have a project that requires a particular skill.

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